Monday, September 17, 2018

2018 Trip to Australia Day 11

The last day of Trip to Australia.

I started the day early from 3 am, took a shuttle at 4:10, flight to Sydney at 6 am.
One hour and a half flight was good, but transit was rather complicated to change the airline terminal first and international terminal next.

To my lucky I could use rhe American Express Lounge.

Flight from Sydney to Narita Airport delayed. At first my seat was middle but to my lucky I could change it to the window side of two seats just behind the wall. I enjoyed the view in the morning and three movies later.

I came back to Japan finally.

This trip was supposed to be 10 days, and airline was supposed to be Cathay Pacific.

But it became 11 days and I used JAL, Qantas, and Virgin Australia.

I could visit four World Heritage Sites, attend the Mega Rockstar Trip, and meet my friend. It was a nice summer vacation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2018 Trip to Australia Day 10

It was fine.

I enjoyed the regular Sunday life in Australia.

I enjoyed making candy sushi with my friend's daughter which wasvery interesting.

I walked around her house. There is a pond nearby and thetr were many birds.

We went out for lunch which was very volumy.

We attended balance yoga lesson for an hour.

My friend took me to the airport hotel.

It was a calm day.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018 Trip to Australia Day 9

It was fine and beautiful.

I had Australian style breakfast at the wood deck made by my friend's husband.
It was so nice and I remembered my Florida life.

I visited many places in Brisbane such as Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Queen St. Mall, City Hall & Museum of Brisbane, Old Museum & Science Center, Southbank Parklands, City Botanic Gardens, and Night Street Market.

After arriving at the airport, I knew my flight was canceled.

2018 Trip to Australia Day 8

It was another moving day.

I checked out the hotel around 10:20 am and headed for the airport by shuttle bus, then took the flight to Brisbane by Virgine Australia. I wished to get a window side, but could not.

After arriving at the airport, I met my friend at the shopping center and went to the pier to see the sunset.

It was another beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

2018 Trip to Australia Day 7

It was fine in the morning.

I attended the one day tour visiting two World Heritage sites.

The pickup bus came at 8 am and I went to the peir to take the boat to Green Island. it was about one hour ride. First I walked around the island taking pictures.
It started raining for a while.
Then I got on the glass bottom boat as an option for 30 minutes and enjoyed the Great Barrier Reef.
Then I went back to Cairns.

After 30 minutes lunch break the pickup bus took me to the Skyrail station. It took about 45 minutes to Kuranda stopping at two stations. I enjoyed the Barron Falls.

After arriving at Kuranda I only had 30 mimutes to walk around and got on the train back to Cairns. It also stopped at the lookout to see the waterfalls. It took about one hour and a half to Freshwater station and the bus sent me to the accommodation around 5 pm.

After coming back I saw the rainbow for the second time during this trip and felt happy.

It was a nice sight seeing day.

2018 Trip to Australia Day 6

It was a no plan day.

I wanted to join the catching mudcrab tour but it was fulj.
I tried to eat it at the restaurant, but they did not have. It seems it is not the season.

I walked around and enjoyed shopping.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018 Trip to Australia Day 5

It was another moving day.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am, got on a ferry to Hervey Bay, took flights from Herver Bay to Brisbane by Qantas and from Brisbane to Cairns by Tiger Air.

This is the very first time for me to use LCC. The limit of check in baggage is 15kg, therefore I had to repack.

I wanted to have a window seat but it was middle. So I asked the CA on board and she changed after the seat belt sign became off. To my lucky The seats next to me were vacant. How lucky I am! I saw the beautiful sunset.

I bought hot chocolate and lamington at $6.

From the airport I took taxi which cost AUD22.

After checking in, I visited the Night Market.